Wisconsin Organic Farm Waseda Farms introduces a wide range of subscription-based organic meat boxes

Wisconsin Organic Farm Waseda Farms introduces a wide range of subscription-based organic meat boxes

Wisconsin Organic Farm Waseda Farms introduces a wide range of subscription-based organic meat boxes

With the new meat subscription program, buyers can choose from up to six high-quality subscription boxes. All meats produced and sold by Waseda Farms are organic and humanely produced.

Waseda Farms is one of the leading producers and sellers of organic meat and related products in the United States. The company recently launched its subscription meat box program, giving shoppers a choice of six premium subscription boxes. The meat can be used to cook steaks, burgers and other essentials. Shoppers can choose from six meat boxes with different types of meat to meet their needs.

The meat boxes include everything from delicious and fresh grass-fed burgers to sausages handcrafted by skilled artisans. This also includes pasture chicken. The Butcher’s Choice subscription option allows Waseda Farms to select the best meat for buyers at all times. Additionally, the meat boxes can be further customized in addition to a full meal with over 20 add-ons. Subscribers can choose to have the meat boxes delivered every two, four, or eight weeks.

Waseda Farms – Subscription Meat Boxes

Boxes include the Pork Basics Box and the Grass Fed Beef Box with 2 Sirloins and 2 Pork Chops in addition to five packs of Organic Ground Beef with 2 packs of Ground Beef for $100. The Waseda Farms Box includes 8 pound selections of willow for just $100.

Readers can learn about all of the subscription meat boxes currently available and place an order by visiting Waseda Farm’s official website for the product at https://wasedafarms.com/meat-subscription.html.

Grass-fed organic meat is much more nutritious and tastes better than regular meat. Because of this, many consumers are willing to pay more for the nutritional value and taste of grass-fed meat. In addition, the meat is hand-cut at Waseda Farms and absolutely fresh before being boxed and shipped to homes and businesses across the country. Because of this, the company has a reputation for delivering exceptional organic meat from farm to fork.

“At Waseda Farms, all of our meat is 100% grass-fed, yet it’s still affordable and accessible to anyone who wants to benefit from its high nutritional value. The subscription box service makes it easier for everyone, no matter where they are located, to order a subscription box of organic chicken, beef and pork. The meat comes from our farm in Wisconsin, and the meat comes from animals that are pasture raised, which means they’re antibiotic and hormone free.” Said Matt Lutsey, President of Waseda Farms, while discussing the subscription meat boxes.

He added, “We have a motto know where your food is coming from, and if it’s not grown properly, it can’t be delicious.” That’s why grass-fed organic meat is much more nutritious and tastes better.

That Subscribe to meat boxes are currently only available through the Waseda Farm official website. However, potential buyers can also order from the farm by telephone. All meat in the boxes is certified organic meat. Therefore, buyers can count on quality coupled with excellent customer service during and after their purchase.

Waseda Farms - Organic Subscription Meat Crates
Waseda Farms – Organic Subscription Meat Crates

About Waseda Farms

USDA certified organic farm that is locally owned and family run by the Lutsey family.

Located in Baileys Harbor on the quiet side of Door County, the farm covers 500 acres and has over 1000 acres of working farmland. Production of grass-fed organic beef, organic pork, chicken and turkey.

You can buy grass-fed beef online 24/7 https://shopwasedafarms.com/Collections, or you can shop in Wisconsin at the farm’s two organic butcher shops.

Waseda Farms Market (organic meat market) in Pere WI.

330 Reid Street, De Pere, WI 54115

Phone: 920-632-7271

Open Mon-Fri 8am to 2pm

Visit the farm

The farm paths are open to the public all year round, you can walk around the farm and visit the farm shop, where all visitors are welcome.


Waseda Farms & Country Market

7281 Logerquist Rd

Baileys Harbor, WI 54202

Daily 10 a.m. to 5 p.m

Phone: 920-839-2222

Waseda Farms

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