Vivalui launches a new product, a men's facial cleanser designed exclusively for busy men

Vivalui launches a new product, a men’s facial cleanser designed exclusively for busy men

Vivalui launches a new product, a men's facial cleanser designed exclusively for busy men

To combat acne, oily skin, dull dry skin, redness and inflammation, clogged pores and ingrown hairs

Vivalui is pleased to announce the launch of an all-new product for men’s skincare routine. The men’s facial cleanser was specially developed for today’s busy men who hardly have time to pamper themselves. This cleanser tackles many skin problems at once such as acne, dry and dull skin, oily skin, redness and inflammation, clogged pores and ingrown hairs. Men often feel left out when most brands focus on women’s skincare products. There are very few brands that offer products that are made exclusively for men. Vivalui is one such brand that recognized this problem and decided to bring together some of the best ingredients to create a unique product.

Vivalui Bamboo Charcoal Cleaner

From shaving and dark circles, to sun damage and acne, to irritated skin to sensitive skin, men struggle with the same issues as women. Also their skin is sensitive, dry, oily, normal and needs proper care and routine. Vivalui formulated an easy skincare routine for men with a product that is organic, safe, easy to use and most importantly, a premium product at an affordable price. The facial cleanser for men is a combination of daily pH balance with natural ingredients that contribute to smooth, soft and clear skin. The majority of men are looking for something simple and uncomplicated with a range of products and procedures. All they expect are clean and healthy products tailored to their specific skin type.

Vivalui allows men to have a simple skin care routine. This product answers the question how to repair oily skin for men. This product offers as many skin benefits as possible in one solution. vivalui Skin care for men The range of products is natural and designed to be effective on different skin types, whether sensitive or dry, oily or a combination of these. Vivalui means Long Live the Man and the brand is excited to launch its first product, honoring today’s busy, focused, skilled and ambitious men who are reaching new heights in diverse fields.

The inspiration behind this product are the 4 stages of human beings – Emergence, Consolidation, Achievement and Succession. The first product, the Vivalui Men’s Facial Cleanser, symbolizes the first phase and encourages men to surface, ie to help them get out of their shell of low self-esteem, lack of self-esteem and underachievement. They are encouraged to step out of the shadows due to bad skin and the various skin issues they face. This simple skincare routine shows visible results in as little as six weeks, and in certain cases even less. All they have to do is use the facial cleanser for men consistently in the shower for the best and most positive results.

To learn more, visit and use the discount code: 5OFF for 5% discount on the pore cleanser with activated bamboo charcoal.

About Vivalui

Vivalui is a division of Castlebeard Beard Care Company. The beard products were well received by bearded men and the company decided to use its all-male formulas and marketing know-how to offer excellent skincare products for all men. Vivalui stands for 100% ethical products for today’s modern man.




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