Redison Tech introduces the new Anterior Assist Alpha

Redison Tech introduces the new Anterior Assist Alpha

Redison Tech introduces the new Anterior Assist Alpha

Redison Tech announced that the Anterior Assist Alpha is now better and easier to use when making adjustments to patients of all sizes in the standing anterior and supine positions.

Anterior Assist Alpha, now available, makes it easier and more convenient for clinicians to perform supine and standing anterior adjustments on difficult-to-move patients. The tool, according to the company, Front Assistprotects your body‘ while helping others because it reduces the stress on the practitioner’s body. In other words, practitioners do not have to “crush their fists‘ when performing supine or standing anterior adjustments, which have become the most commonly performed procedures.

Spinal manipulation can be challenging for many practitioners who are not strong enough to perform the procedure on often larger patients. In addition, the problem is compounded when the doctor has to perform several similar procedures over the course of a single day. Over time, the procedures in this case can take their toll on the doctor’s hand or fist. Although several tools have been developed and sold over the years to help doctors, they have not proven effective and are not that easy to use. That is why many doctors still use their hands today.

Front Assist

The most common approach to adjustment is to place the patient supine on a table, using the patient’s body weight as an additional force. Using the patient’s own body weight for manipulation is an excellent approach. It might not work for everyone though, and here’s Anterior Assist Alpha, the latest chiropractic instrument for adjusting the anterior thoraxcome in. It quickly becomes one Tool used by many chiropractors, especially after seeing demonstrations of how effective it can be in transferring power and protecting the practitioner’s hand. Less strain on hands helps prevent short- and long-term injuries.

Readers can learn more about Anterior Assist Alpha by visiting the brand’s official website

“Anterior Assist Alpha was developed by a chiropractor after years of working with patients suffering from fist and hand pain. The tool has been in development for several years and has been refined over time. Today we can safely say that Anterior Assist Alpha is a tool that every chiropractor should have. Not only does it help protect her hand, but it also makes the procedure much easier to perform.” Said a representative from Redison Tech.

she added “Anterior Assist Alpha has received an extremely positive response from the chiropractors who have already started using it. We hope that more and more doctors will switch to the tool, especially since it makes them more effective while protecting their hands from injuries. Additionally, it is one of the most cost-effective tools to invest in, ensuring you continue to provide a valuable service for years to come.”

About Anterior Assist

Anterior Assist Alpha was developed by Dr. Jeff Redenius DC, ATC, the owner of Redenius Chiropractic PLLC, and Nick Erickson, an engineer and owner of Revel Innovations. The duo set out to create a real product that would help chiropractors around the world be more effective while protecting their hands.



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