Papi Chulo, Latin American music event organizers expand their geographic footprint to the United States and South America

Papi Chulo, Latin American music event organizers expand their geographic footprint to the United States and South America

Papi Chulo, Latin American music event organizers expand their geographic footprint to the United States and South America

Big tours in Columbia, Miami and other North American cities are planned for the coming months

Papi Chulo is a Dutch events organization specializing in Latin American and Caribbean music events. Just a few years ago, Daniel Kingma, the founder, stumbled across a documentary about the Buena Vista Social Club and was immediately intoxicated by Latin music. It was this instant passion that led him to start this company. Papi Chulo has performed music events across Europe, gaining immense popularity and success as a result. They are now coming to the USA and South America to delight audiences and lovers of Latin music. These event organizers have major events planned in Columbia, Miami and six other North American cities over the coming months. In 2022 they are planning events across Spain, Germany, Italy and Belgium with popular locations such as Ibiza, Valencia, Berlin and Munich. They currently host a weekly club night in Ibiza, as well as indoor and outdoor festivals across Europe.

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Kingma is originally from the Netherlands, but his passion for learning more about Latin music and South American culture was so profound that he decided to live in Spain. He studied event organization for three years before organizing the events himself. With this knowledge and experience, Daniel wanted to give his people in the Netherlands something new, inspiring and happy. And so, in 2018, while the company began with humble beginnings, it took little time to soar. This shows that music is something that brings people together, and Latin music really has the power and charisma to attract people regardless of geographical borders, culture, language and age. That pimp dad Parties have earned a reputation for being the grooviest events out there. No guest would sit or stand as the vibe is too tempting and irresistible. “It’s the best thing there is for me and my team. That you feel like the party will never end with those wonderful latin vibes. We’ll keep going,” says Daniel.

Just as Papi Chulo was basking in the glory and busy planning her future events for the highly anticipated 2020, Covid-19 appeared out of nowhere. Not only did it put all plans on hold, but current events had to be halted due to the lockdown restrictions. Daniel and his team decided to take advantage of the situation and make the most of the internet and social media. They have spent the year building and expanding their international network, optimizing the team and the overall event experience. They started a record label, a music publishing company and a YouTube channel with live sets by Tribal Kush, Afro Bros and many others. They have also collaborated with emerging artists from around the world, releasing their music and giving them a platform to get their work known. A number of shows have been added that will air in the US and Latin America this fall. Papi Chulo also added new locations to the current countries to reach a wider audience.

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About Papi Chulo

Papi Chulo is an events organizer from the Netherlands specializing in Latin American and Caribbean music events in Europe. In just two years the company has organized over 150 events in 30 cities in 4 countries with over 80,000 visitors from all over the world. Founded by Daniel Kingma, a Latin music lover, Papi Chulo is a multicultural team with a worldwide network connecting artists, DJs, producers and even project managers.



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