Craig Campbell, Glasgow SEO Expert, Joins Crime Lord as Actor

Craig Campbell, Glasgow SEO Expert, Joins Crime Lord as Actor

Craig Campbell, Glasgow SEO Expert, Joins Crime Lord as Actor

Interesting projects for 2022, collaborations with the acting agency, Netflix series and more

Craig Campbell, Glasgow SEO expert and businessman, turned actor starring in Crime Lord, a UK-based crime series. The SEO industry in the UK is well aware of the name Craig Campbell and now he’s well on his way to making it big on screen, too. This wasn’t Craig’s first outing, however, as he has made several appearances on some popular British shows titled Hollyoaks and River City. Aside from SEO, acting is one of the other passions that Craig holds dear. As a busy person in his own business empire, he didn’t have much time to pursue his love of acting. And as the saying goes, there’s never a better time to pursue a passion, Crime Lord came as a blessing in disguise.

Craig Campbell SEO Expert at Crime Lord

Like any other entrepreneur, and a successful one at that, Campbell has been the subject of criticism and online trolls. This comes with territory as not all individuals are capable of appreciating the achievements of others. Campbell recounts how those same trolls became an opportunity for acting. There was a role for an online business owner who was worried about being trolled online and therefore decided not to take the role. That’s when the show called and asked Craig if he was interested in a small role. Although it was agreed that it would only be a small part for a single episode, it turns out that Craig has appeared in 4 episodes so far. There is no doubt that this businessman turned actor did his best. As serious as Campbell is at work, he also has a lot of fun. The internet has captured some funny glitches by Craig and his co-star on the sets of Crime Lord.

Craig Campbell Glasgow SEO Expert
Craig Campbell

The coming years will be quite eventful for the entrepreneur-turned-artist. Recently signed by an acting agency, Craig has also signed on to star in a Netflix series slated for 2022. Who would have thought that a small role that was randomly assigned to him would turn out to be so fruitful for his acting career!!! Craig Campbell is also a YouTube star with her own channel and a podcast channel. He uses these platforms to share his knowledge, experience and tips on making money online with SEO and to show aspiring entrepreneurs how they can grow their business by learning to use SEO.

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