Central Massachusetts AW-Pump celebrates over 20 successful years in business

Central Massachusetts AW-Pump celebrates over 20 successful years in business

Central Massachusetts AW-Pump celebrates over 20 successful years in business

Offers a full range of services and installation of all types of sump pumps

AW-Pump, the premier Central Massachusetts company, celebrates over 20 successful years in the business of installing and maintaining all types of surface and submersible water systems. The company installs and services both floor and submersible Zoeller pumps. While floor pumps are easier to service and maintain, they may not be as appealing to look at, especially in a furnished basement. The submersible pumps are installed in the wells and sealed against electrical short circuits. These require additional maintenance and repair work. Whatever the type of pump, the technicians here are fully trained and equipped to operate, service, repair and service all types of submersible and pedestal pumps.

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AW-Pumps also offers a full line of water filtration and treatment products from 3M™ Aqua-Pure™ which are the latest line of subcutaneous drinking water systems. These filtration systems provide cleaner, clearer water that tastes better too. Technicians are trained to install these systems in any type of residential or commercial property. Here’s what one happy customer has to say about the crew here. “They installed a water filtration system to replace an older system. We couldn’t be happier with the results. The water comes out crystal clear. The service was quick and the staff were very polite and very competent. Thank you,” says Joanne B. Norton.

Homeowners who are having problems with their well pumps can call AW-Pump right away. The technicians can install both submersible well pumps and jet pumps. The installation must be carried out perfectly in order to avoid subsequent complications during maintenance, servicing or repairs. The experts here are trained on all types of installations, including shallow wet ejectors under 25 feet and deep well ejectors up to 75 feet under and submersible well pumps that can be submerged hundreds of feet.

“We called Aw-Pump in a panic on a Sunday afternoon, there was no water and we have a well. They said we could have someone at our house within an hour. They showed up immediately and diagnosed a bad well pump, the pump was over 120 feet deep. He and his assistant had a machine on the truck to pull the pump up. Our water was restored, it was a great job, very professional, I would definitely recommend this company,” says Bill & Jan.

For clients looking for fast, affordable, effective and efficient services, AW-Pump is the right choice. Whatever the problem, the technicians here can solve all kinds of pump and sump problems with great professionalism. They also have 24/7 emergency service with the fastest turnaround time. Customers who choose to purchase products and high-end installation from this place can also avail 0% financing for qualifying products with no deposit. They work with both private and commercial clients, regardless of size or budget. If you are looking for support in choosing the right pump system or water filter system, you can also call the office for advice.

To learn more, visit http://www.aw-pump.com/

About AW pump

Based in central Massachusetts, AW-Pump is a company offering installation, service and maintenance of all types of submersible and pedestal pumps. They also offer branded water filtration and treatment products, well tanks of various sizes and designs, and submersible well pumps and jet pumps.



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Address: Boston, MA

Phone: 508-742-1712

Website: http://www.aw-pump.com/

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