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Maddie Sutcliffe, the creator of is pleased to announce the launch of their brand new website. The site offers informative articles, tips, and thoughts on various health and wellness topics including, but not limited to, healthy living, self-love, well-being, and travel. Life’s uncertainty has thrown people back, especially when the pandemic hit early last year. Majority of people have completely transformed their lifestyle by starting exercising, eating healthy, completing chores on time, spending time with their family, getting enough sleep and so on. That’s always a good start. There are many people who still have to walk this path. And it’s not easy to find motivation these days when you have little or no exposure to the general public.

Me Magazine Blog tries to make it easy for those who find it difficult. Your blogs are truly inspirational, informative and motivating. For example, the post about “11 Behaviors That Are Holding You Back In Life” is a fitting post for those holding it back. It could be a personal goal or a lifestyle goal, one needs to educate oneself on what is actually preventing them from pursuing that goal. This post is about how to embrace change and challenges, and how to identify and maintain good habits.

Maddie also talks about why it’s important to keep your mental health in check during these uncertain times. With media available everywhere and on demand through a smartphone, it’s very easy to be surrounded by the disturbingly sad news. There are so many things happening in the world that bring nothing but bad news. How can you stay positive when surrounded by images, videos and stories of people being killed or dying from disease? This mental health post is a must-read as the author guides readers through specific tips such as practicing meditation, thinking positively, staying connected, and so on.

The Me Magazine Blog currently features posts in three main categories: Healthy Lifestyle, Self Love & Wellbeing, and Travel. Maddie plans to expand the categories in the future. Her main theme, however, would revolve around health and wellness. The posts are aimed at anyone, regardless of age, who is looking for motivation to start something good in their life. It’s never too late to accept the positive things in life and start practicing. The better a person performs, the more likely they are to spread positivity around them.

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Me Magazine Blog was started by Maddie Sutcliffe, a new mom, journalist and author from Yorkshire, England. Maddie started her career writing for small columns in a children’s magazine and climbed the ladder by gaining amazing experience in her journalism career. This site was created as a reflection of their past, present and future.



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